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Data Recovery

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Computer Hard Drive Data Recovery - 020 34754154

THL recommends our partner for the complete solution when your hard drive fails.

Are you suffering from any of these problems:

Computer won’t load
Portable Hard Drive won’t start when connected
External Hard Disk Drive not recognised
Blue screen error
Desperately require files to be recovered
Entire music, photos and other valuable files that are not recognised  or cannot be found
DataTechy can help you recover any files that are stored on a hard disk drive that has failed or failing.

How DataTechy can help you

You can send your Hard Disk Drive to DataTechy or drop it by at Rose DIY in Bethnal Green or if you live with in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, a DataTechy technician can collect for free of charge.
Please call to arrange a collection time or inform DataTechy of delivery.
What about the costs?

DataTechy have a simple pricing structure and guarantee. If DataTechy cannot recover any data then there will be no charge.
If data can be recovered then you will be offered the option to have the data recovered, if you chose not to go ahead with recovery, then an admin fee will be charged.

The pricing:

£0.75 per  1GB + £49.99

Or our value package

Up to 50GB £69.00
Up to 100GB £119.00
Up to 200GB £229.00
Up to 300GB £269.00
Up to 500GB £299.00


What will we use to recover your files back on to?

If it’s less than 4.7 GB, we will burn it on DVD disc for you at no extra charge. But if you prefer, we can arrange it to be transferred on another hard disk, we can discuss this with you further once we have informed you of the outcome of the recovery.
If you decide not to go ahead with our recovery there will be a admin charge of £49.99.

How long does it take?

Data stored on Hard Disk Drives can take hours or days to recover, we have several method and depending on the severity of your hard disk it could take longer.

Critical single files or folders stored on the hard drive can be recovered with in 24 hours but we will discuss with you further.

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